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Posted 26 April 2019 - 10:07 AM

Hello everyone,
as you might know, the registration for the Tanktastic tournament has come to an end as it has reached the registration deadline. However, we have some sad news. Out of the 16 available places, only a total of 6 teams registered to participate in the tournament. We hoped that, with these incredible prizes, at least a few more teams would register for the tournament. Sadly our hopes were too high, and now we're in a situation we would rather not be in. 
Now, we won't cancel the tournament as a whole. However, some changes need to take place before we can make this tournament happen. Most importantly we will extend the registration deadline by one week, to be exact until the 3rd of May, and we will lower the amount of team slots from 16 to 8. That being said, we have to adjust the prizes accordingly as well, since these were arranged with the developers and management team for at least 16 teams. Therefore, since we now have half of the amount of the slots we had previously, we decided to lower the prize money per match as well. That means that for each round you win you'll get 100 gold, and for each round you lose you will receive 50 gold. The stage bonus will remain as it is. 
The prizes for the tournament winners will be reduced as well. The three months of premium become two months of premium account, and the one month of premium account becomes two weeks of premium account. 
To conclude, due to the lack of registrated teams we have decided to reduce the prizes and slots available for the tournament. As of now, there is still room for two more teams to participate. These need to be filled up in order to allow the tournament to take place. We hope you understand the decisions made and would like to thank you for the continious support.


Posted 15 April 2019 - 09:55 AM





Hello fellow tank commanders,


today we are pleased to introduce the first official in-game tournament since a long time to you. In this introduction and announcement topic we will only go over the essentials for this tournament. More in-depth instructions and information will be provided between now (this topics' creation) and the registration deadline. Please keep in mind that some details provided here are subject to change in accordance with Staff and Community feedback. Any changes made will be communicated to the community as soon as possible. Now, let's move on to what this tournament is about!


This tournaments vision is to give all community members a chance to compete for some great prizes in the competitive scene Tanktastic has to offer. In order for this tournament to achieve that, this tournament will be played on varying maps and tank levels. The greater your Tanktastic knowledge is, the better your chances are. Knowledge is key. A more in-depth explanation of the match format will be posted before the registration deadline. 




How To Participate?


In order to participate in the Tanktastic Tournament, a community member will have to register using a registration form (https://forms.gle/iTrt7XPJYVEzj8KM9). Before registering, it is of great importance that you have your team set up. Any applications that are not filled in as required will be rejected immediately and the user that submitted the registration will be notified. Take the time to have a careful read-through and answer all the required questions carefully. Each team member of a team is asked to provide their timezone(s) and their preferred day of playing. The tournament coordinators will try to match the teams as good as possible, however, we cannot guarantee that you will play at times that suit you best. .


Each team can consist of up to three (3) players, however the main playing format will be 2 players versus 2 players. The optional third member is considered as a stand-in, however, is allowed to take the place of any other team member. More information regarding the match format will be published later. Each team has a Team Captain. This player will be the main contact for any matters regarding the team you are part of, and is responsible for the team. Each team will have to register using a team name. The team name can be whatever suits your team best, however, it should always comply with the Tanktastic End User License Agreement (EULA) and any other rules for this tournament. Any team names that violate any of the aforementioned rules will be rejected and the registration will marked as incomplete, meaning you won’t be able to participate. 


After we have received your registration and confirmed that all necessary questions were answered correctly, a confirmation will be sent to your team captain via Discord or the Forum. A separate category will now be available  for you where all new information for participants of the tournament will be posted (such as dates, match-times, room- names and passwords). After the registration has been closed, the event coordinators will see if they can match teams based on their timezone and their preferred day of playing. Once the final play-off chart is finished, all teams will be notified in the dedicated channels.




In order to participate, it is mandatory to join the official Tanktastic Discord server (discord.gg/tanktastic) as most of the organisation will take place there. In case you cannot use Discord, please message a Staff member here on the Forums.




General Information


In total, 16 teams will fight to win the grand prize. After registration and the creation of the playoff chart, the first stage will start. This first stage is named the Qualifiers stage. During this stage, 8 battles will take place. Each team fights against another team under fair and random circumstances. To allow more low-level players to participate and to make use of the wide variety of tanks that Tanktastic has to offer, the first stage will be played using low-level tanks. To be more specific, the tanks that will fight in the Qualifiers stage will range in levels between 10 and 25. Players can select the tanks from a pool of tanks which has been set up by the organizers. Using any other tank than the ones in the provided pool can lead to disqualification or a warning. Similarly, a pool of maps will be created, allowing teams to vote for the map they want to play on. This pool system is present in every stage of the tournament, however, the level of the tanks participants can play with will vary depending on the stage. There are five (5) stages in total.





For this special tournament some pretty special prizes were arranged in accordance with the developers and the management team. Each participant will not leave the tournament with empty hands. Each match you play will have rewards for the winning team and losing team. Each match, you either win:


  • 100 gold if you are on the team that lost.*
  • 200 gold if you are on the team that won.*

*Prizes are for each team member, not a team as a whole.


If you make it to semi-finals, bracket finals and grand finals you get a bonus:


  • teams that reach the semi finals will receive a bonus of 250 gold.*
  • Teams that reach the bracket finals will receive a bonus of 1000 gold.*
  • Teams that reach the grand finals will receive a bonus of 2000 gold.*

*Prizes are for a team, not each team member


On top of that, the teams that make it to the grand finals either win:

  • 3 months of premium and a premium (WW2) tank for the tournament winners.*
  • 1 month of premium and a premium (WW2) tank for the grand finals losers.*

*Prizes are for each team member, not a team as a whole.


That means that a total of 7650 gold coins can be won if you win all matches of the tournament, and the minimum you get by participating is 600 gold.


Please keep in mind that only participants that played in a match are eglible for that matches' rewards.






All matches must take place in compliance with the EULA and Forum Rules, as well as some tournament-specific rules which can be found in match topics (which will be published shortly before matches)

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