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[Official] TECREAT Election & Overview

TECREAT Election Overview TECMAT Recreational and Promotional

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Posted 16 May 2017 - 04:08 PM

TECREAT Overview




Greetings, the English Tanktastic Community, 


       As you may have noticed, a new team known as TECREAT was announced a couple months ago, but not completely established, following a series of priorities that naturally followed after the establishment of an autonomous English Community. After constant hard work by TECREAT Management as well as TECMAT, we are glad to announce the full establishment of the officially-supported Tanktastic English Community REcreational and promotionAl Team; or simply put, TECREAT.

After thoughtful review of the communities feedback, we have carefully and elaborately created this team; its purposes being of promoting the game through innovative ways, as well as regular old-fashioned contests and tournaments. Owing to its very own officially-supported nature, however, one of the team's most important goals will consist in gathering your feedback and subsequently see to its potential implementation into the forum, the game itself, or both. A bridge between the reality of Tanktastic and the drawing board.


    This team will be comprised of English Community members and will be be focused on the English Community's primary interests. An English Community Team for the English Community.

As any Tanktastic Community member's ultimate goal is the well-being and interest of the entirety of the Community, please, kindly keep in mind that your proposal suggestions will have to be reviewed by the Russian Management and Development Team as well. That said, however, they will be subject of a mutual, equal consultation between both Management Teams, and not of one-sided reviews from either of the parts; as it should rightly be.


  But I digress, after consultations between TECREAT & TECMAT, four (4) candidates were selected to be part of TECREAT, whom may also assume Community Contributor roles in the near future, depending upon the circumstances. These four (4) individuals will undergo a brief, formal, bureaucratic period of trial first, so to ensure their character and capabilities are suited for their intended positions. Selection of candidates was carried out by taking into account a variety of elements, most notably their contribution to the well-being of the community and it's entertainment quota. They are as follows;





TECMAT & TECREAT congratulate these four (4) individuals for their promotion into TECREAT. We are absolutely confident in their abilities and commitment. They will be great assets for TECREAT and the community. 


TECREAT Personnel Tree
The following is the current layout of the TECREAT Team and it's roles.


English Community Manager and General Community Representative

They have absolute control over the entire program and it's occupants; any material created in this group must be first inspected by Overwatch.


[Secondary Overwatch]


They ensure that TECREAT runs smoothly and under accordance with the Tanktastic EULA and Tanktastic Forum Rules. They are secondary in power, but simply serve to moderate TECREAT.


[TECREAT Management]

Elected by English Community ManagerQnomei & Iluvtanks 

In-charge of developIng the TECREAT team. Granted the power to organize and promote Tanktastic in the forms of official contests with actual in-game rewards and alluring prizes. Granted authority and power to promote and relay community feedback and ideas, leading to their actual implementation into the game and the Community, and so forth.


[TECREAT Contest Coordination]

Overseen by TECREAT Management as well as English Community Manager; Head Contest Coordinators and Hosts;QnomeiAltank and Iluvtanks;

They have complete control over the Contest process 


Co-Contest Coordinator

They have partial control over the Contest process, and may fill in for the Head Contest Coordinators in the case of absence of all parties on debut date for any said contest unless directed otherwise.



[TECREAT Advertisement Team]

Overseen by TECREAT Management as well as English Community ManagerHead Advertisement DirectorsQnomeiAltank and Iluvtanks


Co-Advertisement Directors and Advertisement Creation Team

Tasked with creating promotional videos, as well as other forms of advertisements such as digital posters, etc. Any material that is created in this regard must be reviewed by TECREAT Management and then theEnglish Community Manager before being released to the public.


Any material that is released without prior inspection and without being granted permission to be released will be taken as complete disregard to the TECREAT system and the individual('s) that release said material will be warned. If repeated, they will be forced to resign from their position.


NOTE: TECREAT Management and the English Community Manager reserve the right to decline permission to post any advertisement proposals, etc. if deemed necessary. 





That will be all for now, thank you for reading!




Upmost regards;


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