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Q&A Questions Answers

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Posted 21 July 2016 - 07:30 AM



Hello Everyone,


This topic is answering the questions made by the community in [Questions] - 2


If you are unsure about something or simply want to learn more about the Q&A sessions then please go to the information topic for this. 

(http://forum.tanktas...the-developers/) - [Information]


If you wish to discuss anything related to Q&A sessions please go to the topic created specifically for this. 

(http://forum.tanktas...the-developers/) - [Discussion] 


Note: if you miss out or your question is not selected you can try again in the next Q&A session. If a question was repeated it will obviously be skipped and remember, if you ask multiple questions they must be linked and not completely different topics. 


Also whilst I will not say names, ONLY post questions in the question topic. It makes it easier for the developers to see what people want to ask. If I find that the same people continue to ignore this they will be warned and may have their question excluded if one was created. You know who you are. With this warning I will go on to the answers.


Will the amx-56 get visual modifications like the one i suggested and will it get a buff in 2.0  :philosoraptor:  - je4n10



Will silver and gold be unlimited or will there be a maximum limit for example 999,999? - smigstank-



When the Open Beta arrives, is it allowed for TYCT (TankTastic Youtube Community Team) to capture game footage, or can everybody do? - Drestdave



When implementing a map into a game, such as Tanktastic. How does one make it? And, whilst making a map; how do you ensure that it's balanced for all players during Team Deathmatches, Deathmatches, Capture the Flag,  et cetera? And, after you make a map, how do you ensure the amount of data used up isn't too much when implementing a new or existing updated one into an update? - Iluvtanks



Have you implemented a new daily bonus system? - Error 403



When the open-beta test comes out, if we are one of the lucky players to get to try it, how will we receive it? I have heard you need the Apple TestFlight app to do so, and I cannot download any new apps at the moment. - TheEncrpytor

Will the Tanktastic Wikia Administrators, and maybe top contributors of the Wiki, be able to test the open beta? - Unknown 4249



For the Wikia, I would like it if I could make tank reviews before or maybe at the start of V2.0. As I am a YouTuber, I have the possibilities to make small reviews from about 2-3 minutes at each page. 
However, as the new added tanks and updated tanks, I would like it if it is possible to get a fully upgraded account. This account is controlled by GHOR and can only use offline mode to test and record in. There are no other abilities for this account. When every page has a review, this account will be taken back by GHOR, or gets deleted. I hope you could do this for the whole Wikia section, where I'm trying to contribute as good as possible. This would be a big step for the Wikia.  - Drestdave



I have a simple question one of which I have had for awhile. Will the devs ever add more variety to high level rooms? As in more light tanks, tank destroyers, APC's? For high level matches are fairly repetitive fighting just MBT's and well...K9's. - Tankiller96



Is the techtree/research, going to be as we discussed on the topic, that in order to get to the top branch tank, you'll have to buy the tank before it? -randy12345



Will the Leopard 2A7 be added? If so, will it have for example 50% stronger armor than Leopard 2A4? Also will it have visual model changes. - Basmal121

The same question applies to the Abrams TUSK 1 & 2.



How exactly does view distance work? Including, long range sniping mechanics? - _In_PlaiN_SighT_



Will the leopard 2A7-140 be added to the game? - rcmppolice



After you guys are done with the update, do you plan on making Tanktastic Merch for us to buy? e.g: Shirts, Hoodies, Snapback, Mugs.  :D - monkeyman7832



In 1.22 the map-size silver bonus feature did not work. Will we get this silver bonus payed out in 2.0. or never? - Edelstahl99



While we do a team mission where we have friends and must defend a base from bots? - smigstank-


The next Questions topic will be on the 4th of August.

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