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TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) In-Game Staff.

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Posted 26 July 2015 - 02:15 PM

TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) In-game Staff:

This Topic provides you with a list of all the currently-active members of the in-game Tanktastic English Community MOderating Team (TECMOT) and Tanktastic English Community MAnagement Team (TECMAT).
Regarding the TECMOT, moderators are volunteers that are here for your benefit, their job being monitoring the game, assisting with queries, maintaining order and enforcing the rules, as well as providing any kind of assistance, should the need ever arise.
Any measures taken by moderators can be appealed to senior moderators in accordance with the established procedure. Measures taken by the members of the TECMAT, with the exception of senior moderators, are not subject to appeal. In some cases, which go beyond the forum rules, members of the TECMAT can warn or suspend certain Community members, even if their actions formally don’t fall under the current prohibitions and restrictions.
The TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) is constituted by two distinct, though strictly tethered, groups, working in close coordination:

TECMAT (Tanktastic English Community MAnagement Team)

  • ★ English Community Manager.
  • ★ English Community Coordinators.
  • ★ Community Representatives.
  • ★ Senior Moderators.

TECMOT (Tanktastic English Community MOderating Team); in turn constituted by TECRETs (Tanktastic English Community REgional Teams)

  • ★ English Community Manager.
  • ★ English Community Coordinators.
  • ★ Community Representatives.
  • ★ Senior Moderators.
  • ★ Moderators.
  • ★ Trial Moderators.


Regional Teams are overseen by either a Community Representative or a Community Coordinator: a Staff member native to that Region tasked with addressing any regional issues, concerning moderating and technical support; and thus entrusted with management duties and privileges.
Community Representatives are selected with support of expressed preference from that Region's Staff members every six months. Community Coordinators are permanent Community Representatives.
Both management figures take part to major thrimonthly assemblies where, among other things, your suggestions, proposals and requests are evaluated and immediately taken into account or implemented straight away. The operational unit thus forming during these assemblies taking the name of Organon.

This Topic also provides you with informations regarding in-game Staff members' native language/s, so that, should you have difficulties communicating in English, you may eventually contact one sharing your same native language/s, in order to receive prompt help or support.

Also, the nicknames of those in-game Staff members' who do have a Forum account have been underlined. Click on an underlined in-game Staff member's nickname to be automatically redirected to their Forum profile, so that you may directly send them a Private Message (PM).


- Management Staff:

-Swedish & Italian native English Community Manager.

-Norwegian native General English Community Representative.

- Senior Moderators:

-English native Senior Moderator.

-English native Senior Moderator.

-English native Senior Moderator.

-German native Senior Moderator.

-French native Senior Moderator.

-French native Senior Moderator.

-Polish native Senior Moderator.

-English native Senior Moderator.

-Spanish native Senior Moderator.

-Filipino native Senior Moderator.



- Moderators:

-English native Moderator.

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