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[Update] I've Joined the Canadian Armed Forces

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#1 Iluvtanks


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Posted 24 May 2019 - 12:27 PM

Good afternoon, to whomever still checks this forum.


          I know this post may seem out of place, because of my indefinent leave from the Tanktastic community. I just though that, after the amount of time I had devoted to this community in the past, maybe it would be appropriate to take a moment and provide you all with an update of how things are here.


          It's been quite a long time since I left this community, but in-spite of that fact, I can never help but feel as if it were only recently. Now, I won't go off on some cheesy, and empty tangent about how this community has changed me for the better, but, there is more truth in the aforementioned notion than you would think, or that I had thought. I will note that you all have, in one way or another, had a great impact on my life, and an impact nonetheless. But, there are a select few here who have been the most influential; you know who you are.


          However, there is one individual who I will forever be greatful for. Because this individual lit a fire inside of me that I had not previously known would ever come to fruition. This individual motivated me to mold my habits, my way of thinking, and my overall perspective on certain aspects of life, and I am forever thankful for this. Those statements may sound like a stretch, but they are honest in every sence of their literal meaning. This individual taught me to be more mindful of my actions and their opposite reactions, and to put it simply this is, in-part, because they infleunced me to write. Also, not only to just write, but to do it well, and with passion. Because of this influence, I have learned to better my writting skills over the years, which have caused me to be more mindful... more informed of the world around me. The simple concept of influencing me to write, set me off on a path I never thought I would ever take.


          Altank, with all the sincerity that I could possible muster in words, I want to thank you. Your simple actions of pushing me to do things a little better here have - like the butterfly effect - caused something much greater to come into fruition in my life. I have improved my grades all throughout high school, and have been able to put myself in a situation where university is now feasible, because of this drive to write and to question the world around me. I have also had the desire to do more for the people around me because of you.


          I have completed my entry examinations for the Canadian Armed Forces, and have therefore been accepted to attend my Basic Military Qualification Course this summer to become an enlisted member of the Canadian Military this fall. I will then be applying to a UTPNCM (University Training Program for Non-Commissioned Members) to obtain my university degree, and become an Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces.


          Again, thank you Altank. I wish you the best of luck with whatever path you have taken in life, I am absolutely sure it is something bound for greatness with your kind of intellect.


          As for the Tanktastic community, I wish you all the best of luck in life and your future endeavors. This was fun while it lasted.


Servitum nulli secundus


Sincerely, Iluvtanks (Christian M.)

Canadian Armed Forces Logistics

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#2 litchie



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Posted 26 May 2019 - 07:04 PM

Well Said!!!Best of luck to you,I hope it goes well and I appreciate the fact that you are always willing to help other people in this and that's what makes this community different from others.
So I thank you for what you've done to make it better and be safe, Thanks Litchie
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#3 rcmppolice


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Posted 27 May 2019 - 02:01 AM


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Let the Royal Canadian Mounted Police do the work...........

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Posted 29 May 2019 - 03:09 PM

Wow, how time flies by so fast, best of luck to you and hope everything goes smoothly.
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