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old man max's rant 2.o

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Posted 10 October 2018 - 07:45 PM

so I somewhat had enough of the cowards that are some of the ones I mentioned in my last 2(maybe more?) rants.
Complaint 1- there is no logic for many of the tanks like PT85, Sword Type90-III/Al Khaild, Tr85, and the rest. So the Sword is a Pakistani tank made from a Frankenstein of parts(even though Frankenstein was the doctor not monster) but it's a very poor quality yank and lacks the ability to come the Chinese model of ZTZ90(In game equal is ZTZ85). PT85 is a PT76 heavily updated but the game has the Type82 APC model with even less armour, and even more inferior gun yet the PT85 can do 40% to a Challenger 1 even though the PT85 would have a hell of a time killing a T54. Tr85 is a T54/55 model based tank and is surprisingly decent for the quick overview, but the Tr85 does far to much damage in here and is too accurate for its sights and gun. Also the Chieftain, magach.. seem to do better than T14A, T90SMT, M1A.89/Tusk at repelling and ricochets. now yes that's rather minor but there's more like the accuracy as I mentioned before as well. T90SMT, T14A, Type90-II JSDF... are very accurate tanks and yet the tanks lack the accuracy of a M60, cheiftain, magach... and the lot with 100% accuracy when maxed gun.
Complaint 2- loggers are running wild example jah..., matechino.... and yet there hasn't a mod or administrator who punished for doing so, even thought I'm sure at least 10 of us can openly say we watched him do it.
Complaint 3- the "seal clubbers" who act like real cowards (many of them are the same who log) jah, matechino, f16...,wiki, even newbies are doing this because thats the only way they can get good amounts of silver to level up tanks. Now maybe it's just me remembering when even when you had a terrible machine like the M50, spadpanzer... you still were able to do decent enough to get a different tank that can make the cut or to upgrade the terrible one to make it effective enough.
Complaint 4- (might just be my opinion) but maps like demo and industrial on a free for all is too small for 12 people because it becomes kills from the most people and win nothing more, or get a T80 maxed gun, armour and health so you can 2 shot everyone.
complaint 5- not enough tacos
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Posted 14 October 2018 - 01:44 AM

despacito 2 dab 

Buff abram pls 

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