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Announcement: Administrative Guidelines on Reporting Procedure's Form

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In order to greatly improve TT Support's efficiency and internal TECT organization, new guidelines, concerning the form in-game reports should be issued in the corresponding section of the Tanktastic English Forum, have been set; reports that won't comply with the new aforementioned administrative guidelines will be ignored and removed at once.
Also, private reports issued on any external resouce such as Kik, Vk, Facebook et cetera will no longer be taken into account: it is now mandatory to submit an in-game report in an appropriate form in the corresponding section of the Tanktastic English Forum. However, you may keep contacting Staff members in this regard on said resources for easier communication, provided you firstfile an in-game report complying with the aforementioned guidelines. Community members are also asked to spread the news to any in-game user looking for moderation support and not aware of these new administrative guidelines.

Reports must contain the following in the Topic's title:

Exempla grata:

The Topic's content's form is at your own discretion, though it must comply with the standard administrative guidelines, namely provision of solid proofs, preferably in the form of full-size screenshots.

This will allow for easier archiving and recognition for TECT members, thus greatly improving the quality of the moderating support granted to Community members.
Please, consult the EULA carefully before issuing any reports, so to create an appropriate title for your report; if you are unsure in regard to what exact violation/s of the EULA you are reporting, choose the one which you deem the most adequate and/or ask for assistance to a member of the TECT. In any case, don't worry, as we will sort out any such doubts while reviewing your report.

Repeated failure to abide by these guidelines will be regarded as trolling and we'll therefore act accordingly, resulting in moderating measures being undertaken. We are merely asking a little effort to help us help you.

Completed reports will remain visible for the Topic's creator to view for the following 48h; at that point, the Topic will be archived and placed in the given user's personal folder for future references.
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