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#65070 [OFFICIAL] - WW II League

Posted by elderby22 on 02 January 2015 - 04:17 AM


Welcome to the Tanktastic WWII League!!!
Together we unite as enthusiasts of the Second World War.

Join us in glorious battles using the tanks from decades ago! Earn points by competing in matches for a chance to win exclusive prizes such as the Tiger I, KV-1 and Panzer III!

General Provisions
Participation in the league is voluntary and does not require you to register or play in every match, you can join the ranks, or just visit the planned event:

Game Types:

  • Party - Deathmatch - Matches based on using a specific type of tank (e.g. IS-3 ONLY)
  • Open -Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch - Any tanks used during the 1945-1949 period.
  • Versus - Team Deathmatch - Specified Tank or Tanks vs. Specified Tank or Tanks (e.g. Side I = Conqueror ONLY vs. Side II = IS-3 & IS-4 ONLY)


  • Group A: IS-3, IS-4, M26 Pershing, ARL-44
  • Group B: T-54, M51 Supersherman, Centurion, Conqueror, T-34-85
  • Group C: T-10

Time and place of arranged battles will be announced on the day of the event.

Rooms will be a maximum of 16 players (depending on the size restrictions of the map) additional rooms will be created BY STAFF ONLY to compensate for additional players.

League battles in open rooms are moderated on a separate basis from the league, normal Tanktastic moderation rules apply to open games.

1. Each moderator will be assigned one room, which he creates himself.
2. Moderator of the room announces the start of the battle.
3. In the event of battle command during the match, the moderator makes prevention and disqualifies both players, if they continue to command the game.
4. Users will be disqualified gaining points (kills) before the moderator has announced the start of the match.
5. Players will receive one point for participation ONLY. No further points are awarded for winning the match.
6. Attending multiple League matches in the same day does not qualify for multiple points to be awarded.

26A0.pngAny users entering matches with the wrong tank will be removed. Repeat offenses may lead to a temporary ban.

In conclusion, everyone is responsible for their own actions and loss of reputation. Please respect those players who do not play purely for the points to win a tank, but play for the enjoyment of the game.

Tank: Announced on the day.
Map: Announced on the day.
Game Type: Announced on the day.
Password: 45
Day: Every Saturday
Time: 18:00 GMT (21:00 MSK)

Participants Scores - Updated: 13/08/2016

Leaving before the match is over and scores less than 15 kills will not count. Screenshots are taken at the end of every match to award the points, if your not there, you do not get awarded a point.

Point system:
1 point is awarded for a minimum of 15 kills. Participants must join at least 20 minutes before the end of the match.

5 Points = 1st Tank
15 Points = 2nd Tank
25 Points = 3rd Tank


If there are any scores that you feel are incorrect please contact DigitalCrow or Elderby on the forum.


Tank Requests:
Upon requesting a tank, please post your in-game username and the tank you would like to receive in the VK group or on the forum. Users that have acquired enough points to claim a vehicle, but do not request a specific type (Tiger I, Panzer III, KV-1) may be awarded one at random.

League moderators:
elderby22, DigitalCrow, волчара 123, foxf, denis.tw

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#92586 Hitler reacts to the delayed update.

Posted by Mr blue sky01 on 23 August 2015 - 04:59 AM

ratingsymbol_t.png Rating TEEN Warning: The following video contains infrequent use of strong language.

Please click the SHOW button.




Took me ages to translate and edit this. Looks like he was annoyed about my error in the German Tank Montage.



Hope you al enjoy :)


NOTE: The views expressed in this video are for the purposes of entertainment and not sparking useless drama.

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#87686 [Tanktastic] - Boosting

Posted by DigitalCrow on 22 July 2015 - 01:04 PM

What is Boosting?

Boosting is when two or more players create or join an open game with the intention to gain in-game currency and experience by letting the opposing player intentionally kill them.

Boosting usually takes place in small rooms to avoid detection from other users and moderators.


See example below:

Why is boosting bad?

Boosting is classified as commercial pumping. It deprives the game of potential revenue which is required in order to maintain the servers and continue development on the game. Without revenue the game simply cannot survive!

Users may also boost to increase their in-game rank, this of course has negative side effects such as attaining a high rank with very little knowledge or skill.

What do i do if i come across boosting?

If you should enter a room where boosting is occurring, take a screenshot and alert a moderator immediately!

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#62324 [Tanktastic] - Moderating/Moderators

Posted by DigitalCrow on 01 December 2014 - 04:34 AM

What is a Moderator?


A moderator is a person/s who monitors the forums and Tanktastic game. Their job is to assist with queries, maintain order and enforce the rules.

  • Please respect the moderators, they are here for your benefit!
  • Discussion of a moderators actions is forbidden and may lead to further disciplinary action being enforced.


Types of Authority in Tanktastic:

Green Star - These moderators have the ability to mute and kick users.

★ Gold Star - These are League moderators that have the ability to mute, Kick and Ban users.

Red Star - These are senior moderators that have the ability to mute, Kick and Ban users.

Mr.Banhammer - This is a bot controlled by the moderators.

★ Purple Text - These are game developers and administrators.


Types of Authority on the Forum:

Moderator - These are members who have the ability to edit topics, profiles, comments and warn users.

Senior Moderator - These have all full control over the topics, moderators and comments.

Administrator - Have full control of all aspects of the forums.



How can i become a moderator?


This is probably one of the most common questions asked in-game and on the forums.

You are asked by a senior member of staff to become a moderator. This is only if you have proven to be a benefit to the Tanktastic community.

General traits of a moderator are someone who shows the ability to uphold the rules, is mature, honest and reliable.


Asking to become a moderator is a futile effort.



Who is Mr.Banhammer?


Mr. Banhammer is a bot that performs the actions of the moderators. You cannot add him as a friend and he will not respond to comments.



Reporting a Moderator


Only report a moderator if you feel you have been treated unfairly or if you are sure that a moderator is abusing their position. Provide full size screenshots of as much of the conversation as possible before and after the punishment is in effect, screenshots with a disciplinary action at the top will not be as useful as it will only show the conversation after the punishment has been applied.


Open Discussion about a moderators actions are not permitted.
"PROHIBITED discussion and comment administration's actions in any form, whether positions with criticism, jokes or comments administrative messages (alerts) etc."

If you wish to make an appeal or complaint:
"Complaints about moderators and requests on termination of anybody's chat moderation will not be considered and are only available for moderators.


The only possible complaint about moderator's actions from a player is a screenshot providing inadequate behavior + screenshot, the complaint should contain the nickname, the name of the room/chat where the punishment was issued.

Screenshot is to be posted on the game forum in relevant subject, "Rules of Behavior in <<Tanktastic>> chat rooms" http://forum.tanktastic.ru but will not be a cause for immediate punishment of the moderator. Posting a false complaint may result in a penalty."

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#115191 Tanktastic V2.0 Fanmade trailer!

Posted by Drestdave on 13 May 2016 - 10:24 AM

Hi all Tankers,

Today I bring a new video, a Tanktastic V2.0 Fanmade trailer.

I won't upload the video to youtube until I get 10 likes here so I know thats its good and than i will buy the music. I dont mean this as boosting. Just control.

I hope you enjoyed it. make sure that you subscribed and liked if you enjoyed.



Drestdave (DutchDave TankTV)

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#88036 TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) In-Game Staff.

Posted by Altank on 26 July 2015 - 02:15 PM

TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) In-game Staff:

This Topic provides you with a list of all the currently-active members of the in-game Tanktastic English Community MOderating Team (TECMOT) and Tanktastic English Community MAnagement Team (TECMAT).
Regarding the TECMOT, moderators are volunteers that are here for your benefit, their job being monitoring the game, assisting with queries, maintaining order and enforcing the rules, as well as providing any kind of assistance, should the need ever arise.
Any measures taken by moderators can be appealed to senior moderators in accordance with the established procedure. Measures taken by the members of the TECMAT, with the exception of senior moderators, are not subject to appeal. In some cases, which go beyond the forum rules, members of the TECMAT can warn or suspend certain Community members, even if their actions formally don’t fall under the current prohibitions and restrictions.
The TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) is constituted by two distinct, though strictly tethered, groups, working in close coordination:

- TECMAT (Tanktastic English Community MAnagement Team)

  • English Community Manager.
  • English Community Coordinators.
  • Community Representatives.
  • Senior Moderators.

- TECMOT (Tanktastic English Community MOderating Team); in turn constituted by TECRETs (Tanktastic English Community REgional Teams)

  • English Community Manager.
  • English Community Coordinators.
  • Community Representatives.
  • Senior Moderators.
  • Moderators.
  • Trial Moderators.

Regional Teams are overseen by either a Community Representative or a Community Coordinator: a Staff member native to that Region tasked with addressing any regional issues, concerning moderating and technical support; and thus entrusted with management duties and privileges.
Community Representatives are selected with support of expressed preference from that Region's Staff members every six months. Community Coordinators are permanent Community Representatives.
Both management figures take part to major thrimonthly assemblies where, among other things, your suggestions, proposals and requests are evaluated and immediately taken into account or implemented straight away. The operational unit thus forming during these assemblies taking the name of Organon.

This Topic also provides you with informations regarding in-game Staff members' native language/s, so that, should you have difficulties communicating in English, you may eventually contact one sharing your same native language/s, in order to receive prompt help or support.

Also, the nicknames of those in-game Staff members' who do have a Forum account have been underlined. Click on an underlined in-game Staff member's nickname to be automatically redirected to their Forum profile, so that you may directly send them a Private Message (PM).


-Management Staff:

-Swedish & Italian native English Community Manager.

-English native Community Representative for the English Region.

-German native Community Representative for the German Region.

-Senior Moderators:

-English native Senior Moderator.

-English native Senior Moderator.

-German native Senior Moderator.

-French native Senior Moderator.

-French native Senior Moderator.

-Polish native Senior Moderator.

-Arabic native Senior Moderator.


-English native Moderator.

-English native Moderator.

-Norwegian native Moderator.

-Spanish native Moderator.

-Filipino native Moderator.

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#85055 [Tanktastic] - Close Air Support (CAS).

Posted by Altank on 04 July 2015 - 02:22 AM

Tanktastic in-game Close Air Support (CAS):

In military tactics, Close Air Support (CAS) is defined as air action by fixed or rotary-winged aircraft against hostile targets, that are close to friendly ground or naval forces, and which requires detailed integration of each air mission with fire and movement of these forces.



Patch 1.22 version; last update: 30/09/15.






Tanktastic Close Air Support (CAS) overview:

Close Air Support (CAS) is, without any doubt, one of Tanktastic's most prominent in-game features.








Tanktastic Close Air Support (CAS) units:

As of patch 1.22, Tanktastic Close Air Support (CAS) counts 4 different assault helicopters and 5 different ground attack aircraft.


-Assault helicopters:



-Ground attack aircraft:


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#84157 [Tanktastic] - Online Abuse Advice

Posted by DigitalCrow on 25 June 2015 - 11:43 AM

Cyber Bullying


What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying (also called 'online bullying') is when a person or a group of people uses the internet, email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate someone else.
Examples of cyber bullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.


Why Cyber Bullying is different?


People who are being cyber bullied are often bullied in person as well. Additionally, people who are cyber bullied have a harder time getting away from the behavior.
  • Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a person even when he or she is alone. It can happen any time of the day or night.
  • Cyber bullying messages and images can sometimes be posted anonymously and distributed quickly to a very wide audience. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to trace the source.
  • Deleting inappropriate or harassing messages, texts, and pictures is extremely difficult after they have been posted or sent.

Effects of Cyber Bullying


Technology is not to blame for cyber bullying. Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting people with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these tools can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar.
People who are cyber bullied may express the following:
  • Use of alcohol and drugs
  • Smoking
  • Absence from work/school
  • Experience in-person bullying
  • Be unwilling to attend school
  • Reduced grades

More seriously:

  • Suffer Depression
  • Marks or cuts caused by Self-Harming
  • Have Suicidal Thoughts/Suicide


Preventing Cyber Bullying (Advice for Parents)


Parents and their children can prevent cyber bullying. Together, they can explore safe ways to use technology.


Be aware of what your children are doing online


Talk with your children about cyber bullying and other online issues regularly.

  • Know the sites your children visit and their online activities. Ask where they’re going, what they’re doing, and who they’re doing it with.
  • Tell your children that as a responsible parent you may review their online communications if you think there is reason for concern. Installing parental control filtering software or monitoring programs are one option for monitoring your child’s online behavior, but do not rely solely on these tools.
  • Have a sense of what they do online and in texts. Learn about the sites they like. Try out the devices they use.
  • Ask for their passwords, but tell them you’ll only use them in case of emergency.
  • Ask to “friend” or “follow” your children on social media sites or ask another trusted adult to do so.
  • Encourage your children to tell you immediately if they, or someone they know, is being cyber bullied. Explain that you will not take away their computers or cell phones if they confide in you about a problem they are having.

Establish Rules about Technology Use


Establish rules about appropriate use of computers, cell phones, and other technology. For example, be clear about what sites they can visit and what they are permitted to do when they’re online. Show them how to be safe online.
Help them be smart about what they post or say. Tell them not to share anything that could hurt or embarrass themselves or others. Once something is posted, it is out of their control whether someone else will forward it.
Encourage children to think about who they want to see the information and pictures they post online. Should complete strangers see it? Real friends only? Friends of friends? Think about how people who aren’t friends could use it.
Tell children to keep their passwords safe and not share them with friends. Sharing passwords can compromise their control over their online identities and activities.

Understand User Agreement Policys
Some websites and online games have developed user policies on uses of their software. Be sure to read these and explain to your child if necessary what they can and cant do.

Reporting Cyber Bullying


When cyber bullying happens, it is important to document and report the behavior so it can be addressed.

Steps to take immediately

  • Don’t respond or retaliate to cyber bullying messages.
  • Keep evidence of cyberbullying. Record the dates, times, and descriptions of instances when cyberbullying has occurred. Save and print screenshots, emails, and text messages. Use this evidence to report cyber bullying to a moderator.
  • Block the person who is cyber bullying.

Report Cyber Bullying to Online Service Providers

Cyberbullying often violates the terms of service established by social media sites and internet service providers.

  • Review their terms and conditions or rights and responsibilities sections. These describe content that is or is not appropriate.
  • Visit social media safety centers to learn how to block users and change settings to control who can contact you.
  • Report cyberbullying to the social media site so they can take action against users abusing the terms of service.

Report Cyber Bullying to Law Enforcement

When cyberbullying involves these activities it is considered a crime and should be reported to law enforcement:

  • Threats of violence
  • Child pornography or sending sexually explicit messages or photos
  • Taking a photo or video of someone in a place where he or she would expect privacy
  • Stalking and hate crimes

Some countries/states consider other forms of cyber bullying criminal. Consult your country/state laws and law enforcement for additional guidance.


Report Cyber Bullying to Schools

  • Cyberbullying can create a disruptive environment at school and is often related to in-person bullying. The school can use the information to help inform prevention and response strategies.
  • In many countries/states, schools are required to address cyber bullying in their anti-bullying policy. Some country/state laws also cover off-campus behavior that creates a hostile school environment.


Further Resources


United States - Stop Bullying

United Kingdom - Childline, Stop Online Abuse

France - TBA

Germany - TBA

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Posted by DigitalCrow on 31 October 2014 - 02:27 PM

Hey All
Welcome to the download are for Vehicle Database for v1.22 of Tanktastic! :D
This chart shows:

  • Base and maxed stats for all vehicles.
  • Costs in silver and gold.
  • All vehicle Upgrades and Ammo Types.
  • Air Support Vehicles.
  • Upcoming and Unreleased Vehicles.

If you should notice any stats that are incorrect, please provide a screenshot showing the correct stats.
LAST UPDATE: 01/01/2015
Available in .PDF Tanktastic - Vehicle Database (1.85 MB)
Available in .ZIP Tanktastic - Vehicle Database (1.80 MB)
(If you have problems and it downloads as a .bin then rename it to .pdf)
Please let me know your thoughts so i can improve it!
Credits to DigitalCrow, Fiutel_88, Altank, Nickecr99, Totonho99, Nomad88, USMC Sniper, Metrac, DragonTanker, Pikachu77, Davis11, Vlad1997, Praetorian, Pollock for all their help.
Changes Log:

01/01/2015 - Arjun Max Level Corrected. (Courtesy to Nicke)

                   - Added some magazine reload times.

                   - Corrected Cost of T-72.

23/11/2014 - T-90 Stats Corrected.

                   - T-90 AP Corrected.

                   - F4 Phantom II Image Changed.

09/11/2014 - KV-1 Stats Added.
                   - Panzer III Stats Added.
01/11/2014 - F4 Phantom II Image Corrected.
                   - Panzer VIII Maus Added.

                   - M56 Scorpion Added.
01/11/2014 - Type-10 Stats Corrected.
                   - Tiger 1 Stats Added.
31/10/2014 - Database v1.22 Launch.
                   - WWII Vehicles Updated.
                   - New Air Support Added.
                   - Upgrades Updated.
                   - Statistics Updated.

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#134278 Tanktastic v2.2 Review

Posted by Tankiller96 on 14 April 2017 - 03:04 PM

Tanktastic v2.2 Review

Tanktastic v2.2 was the first truly substantial update since the release of v2.0 to change the game in a massive way. It fixed many issues of which were explicitly stated to make the gameplay and overall experience unpleasant for a majority of the Tanktastic community. While it fixed the pressing issues there are still things needing to be fixed or revised. This review will give an overview of what the English community wants the most from v2.2.2 or v2.3. In this review of v2.2 we will be mentioning bugs, complaints, tank balancing, and what the devs did right with v2.2.

Bugs/Glitches: While v2.2 fixed a majority of bugs from v2.0 and v2.1( most notably the shaky turret camera and gold upgrade bug) there are still some bugs in the new update that can affect the flow of gameplay.

-Frame Drop: Never had this problem in v2.0 or v2.1 but it seems in v2.2 when a Helio is in the air and gets close to you the frame rate plummets from 30fps to 12fps which can make battling almost impossible on smaller maps due to the close proximity. Idk how to fix this one tbh would assume it's a weird optimization glitch but could be wrong.

-Engine Fire bug: A bug in which when a tank is shot the engine stays on fire while causing no damage.

-Bullet bug: This is what could be the source of the frame drop issue. When a round ends or a Helicopter is shot down while shooting causing a constant wave of bullets(that do not cause any damage) to keep shooting from the voids of space where the helicopter was.

-Text not appearing: This has been a bug since v2’s release and is still present there are times when names do not appear above a player when you are aimed directly at them. Also when you hit another tank it does not always show you if it registered and/or did damage or not.

Tank Balancing: v2.2 fixed many of the balancing issues of v2.0 and v2.1 like god tier ATGM’s, the Arjun, C1, and many other overpowered tanks that plagued matches making it nearly impossible to use just about any other tank in the game. But like everything else there is still some balancing to tanks that would improve the overall gaming experience on Tanktastic.

-BMPT: Increase Heathpool from 491 to probably 500-530 as to make it slightly more viable in combat(it has a tendency to die in 2 shots while merely tickling most high level MBT’s)

-Al-Khalid: This tank was mildly unbalanced in v2.0 and v2.1 but never really got talked about compared to Arjun, C1, or the T-72. This new update has sort of given Al Khalid the chance to prove it needs a healthpool nerf from 1,216 to 1,000 or 1,100 hit points decreasing the amount of shots required to actually kill it before it kills you.

-T-72: While the T-72 was officially nerfed it is still the dominating tank besides the C1 in 50-60 matches killing most tanks at its respective level in 2 shots while it takes them 3-5.

-AMX-56 Leclerc: Increase APDS penetration value it hits like a wet noodle right now compared to its fast firing counterparts the K2 and Type 10.

-M1A2 Abrams: Buff lower plate still weaker than a box of tissues after being pulled out of a river. Make gun harder to take out still feels like Abrams users run around for health boxes just to be able to shoot their gun lol.

-Type 99: Increase top speed is sort of a turtle as is right now leaving it vulnerable as to the fact it's not exactly the best at turning.

-Merkava Mark IV: Decrease healthpool to 1,400 currently takes even the T-14 Armata has to shoot 4-5 shots to take the Merkava out.

Suggestions: Things people would like to see implemented in future updates.

-Gun Handling: Fix the accuracy of MBT’s when stationary for a certain amount of time. Most agree some form of aiming timer would be a nice addition and would add further balance to the game if implemented correctly. The way it would work is that when on the move you will not have an accurate shot on your target but if you stop for a certain amount of time you get a near perfect shot on your target(shells would be a factor obviously HEAT at distance should still be fairly inaccurate) and have varying timers for each tank giving tanks that fire slowly(i.e M1A2 Abrams, Type 99, Arjun, Merkava) shorter aim timers as to get accurate shots faster then say fast firing tanks( i.e Type 10, K2, Al-Khalid, etc) which would require more time to get an accurate shot.

I myself also think the timer should reset after a certain amount of time as to keep people from camping in one spot forever after being stationary for say a minute or so your accuracy should slowly get more inaccurate as to keep the gameplay moving smoothly but this last part is merely my idea.(moved this down for it's something I thought of and have not discussed with the others yet)

-Tracks: Most agree it would make a lot of sense for tracks to be separate from sides and have no damage be done to them if shot but rather have the tracks get disabled if shot hence disabling the tank from any movement for a certain amount of time (aka sort of like it is right now but not having you do -300 damage if you shoot the tracks.)

-Increase reverse speed on Russian tanks: Russian tanks in game have an extremely slow reverse gear(not exactly unrealistic lol) and a lot feel they should have at least a chance of backing out of a situation rather than just being marked as dead since they can not back out of a situation.

-Ammo rack editing: On some tanks the Ammo Racks are in areas not exactly accurate to their real life counterparts(idk which ones they did not list them).

-Make guns harder to take out: It is pretty much agreed upon taking out guns is far too easy as it stands right now face offs still more or less come down to who disables their opponents cannon first rather than actually learning the weak points of your opponent's tank to take them out.

-Buff HEAT Velocity: HEAT either needs a buff or HE needs a nerf in terms of velocity for HE is officially the slowest shell in terms of velocity in real life.

-Ramming changes: Ramming should only damage tracks nothing else. As it stands right now you can literally ammo rack your enemy just by ramming them in the correct spot or start their engine on fire.

-Mines: Make them able to take out tracks also get rid of the red blinking indicator makes Mines utterly worthless can see them nearly across the map.

-Edit Garage Slots: Community in general wants a way to get garage slots without having to throw $135 USD at tanktastic to get all the tanks in the game. While it’s easy for older players to just write it off this proves to be a main reason newer players leave as they feel they are forced to pay to progress causing them to simply leave and go to competing games.

-Optimized 2gb devices better: While I personally do not really have an issue running tanktastic at full graphics on my iPad Mini 4(has 2gb of Ram)many asked for Tanktastic to be better optimized for their 2gb processing power devices of which seem to struggle to play tt even on medium graphics.

Ammo Rack Animation: Many think it would be cool if an animation for ammo racking was implemented could be creative with it if the ammo rack was a killing blow(like blowing the turret off a T-90 or blowing out a M1A2’s blast doors).

-Add more variety of Engine sounds: Many want different sounds for the different types of engines in tanktastic as it is right now.

-Killstreak Counter: Would be cool to have a small number on the side of the screen telling you how many kills you have gotten without dying.

-Conclusion: Tanktastic v2.2 and v2.2.1 are nice steps forward with many agreeing v2.2 is an improvement over v2.0 and v2.1 while this has been agreed upon many do feel the game has a ways to go and hope the devs keep listening to the suggestions of the community.

Written by,


Credit for helping with community review
Credit for the suggestions, bug reports, and balancing suggestions go to:
Alpha Trition
Tank Ben
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#132763 Update About My Health.

Posted by Tankass99 on 01 February 2017 - 09:37 AM

First of all ,I wanted to say thank you.Thank you to everyone of you who wished me a speedy recovery. The cancer is away & beaten,i have to fight at the moment against my body temperature,which was over 40℃. Probably because of the medicaments.However,my immune system is a bit out of controll,which means that new skin sicknesses can grow,i hope that will not be the case. At wednesday i will be out of the hospital(as it looks atm) and the same day i will have to go to my skin doctor,he will check if any other sicknesses will grow.

I dont know what to say anymore,you all helped me a lot with your messenges,i cant say more than "THANK YOU".
If i have luck,and If i feel better,i can be back in the game in the next 2 weeks.^_^ My skin is burning still a bit,i hope that will be away soon.
Some of you may realise that im already out of words,first when cancer was diagnosed,i was crying and I thought ill die ,lol(Iam serious now) I didnt wanted to share this here on the forum at first,but mick said you all will support me,and that was,indeed the case. I look forward to help you guys in game with your problems.
Thank you.
Best regards,Tobi.
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#121511 Look...

Posted by Davis11 on 22 August 2016 - 08:43 AM

It pains me to see Randy and possibly DrestDave go out like this, but that's just one of these things that hurts nowadays comparing this TT to the one, say, 2 years ago. First off, I don't need drama accompanying this post. I know those of you who are wannabes will swarm this post and call me dramatic, an idiot, and want me off the forum, but there are those who know somw of this is true. I'll be straight with you guys. I've been here 3 1/2 years and I've never read the EULA (Whole, anyways). "That's Disgraceful!" Yea yea...After a month or two, I learned how to behave in game. Keep a check on the language, make friends; And I did. I'll never forget some of the memories I've made here. However, the game has gone downhill. The Update, obviously (But Kudos to the Devs, this is still a fantastic game, and best of luck to 2.0 finishing). But the community itself has changed. The Moderator used to be a position of power, that you got out of respect, likability, and character. I'm proud to have played alongside people such as Leroy, Mike, Altank, Vint, Crow, Elderby, and Praetorian, to name a few. But now, the process has changed. Instead of becoming a mod through respect, it seems like the process recently is based on who can suck up the hardest, and it hurts the game. Seeing "English Only in Lobby" more times that traditional spam. Seeing new players instantly pelted with rules and the EULA. Seeing players brown nosing up to mods and thinking they know everything. All chat is now are wannabes trying to become mods so incredibly hard. Look. Sucking up is NOT how we should decide who gets the power ingame. That's ridiculouness. I can't stand wannabes at all, and they think they're helping the game....no, you aren't. I fully agree as well with Randy's claims of censorship, both ingame and on here. Look, I'll be honest here. I absolutely hate those of you who like everything a mod says. One could say he just ate a Cheeseburger and it would instantly have likes. Really? Same thing ingame. A mod could say "watch the language" and instantly "agreed" "follow the rules" or "well said" would follow. Now, for those of you who would respond to this by saying, "But we were just being polite and showing respect!" Just no. No. Look; You DON'T have a star. Stop thinking your the chief Mod. Stop thinking your above all. Stop trying to run the game. This game can still return to what it was years ago. When we were all proud to play along certain players, platoon with mates, and have stupid, fun, and intense chats. There are players I'm honored to have played with, such as Danatack, thatblodytank, train heartnet,pshycosnake, the mods I mentioned above, sniper 101, sharks06, Randy, and countless more. I loved to log on and see my friends list covered in green. I logged on today and only 5 of 300+ were green. That's sad. Come on guys, this is our game, to those of you left and those of you returning. Change the game back guys. Now, this isn't my goodbye speech, though I've been really inactive the last few months. I'm mostly off, and whether that will change when 2.0 eventually drops will be decided then. But for now, I'm here.

Now let's be honest here. This is a bit of an attack by me, but it's also my opinion. I know that most of you will whine and this topic will be eventually taken down because of wannabes with pitchforks and torches shouting "Lies!" "Negativity!" "Censor it!!!" Oh well. I just needed to get this off my chest and into other people's train of thought. Thanks.

Happy? It's just the words now.
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#117103 [Information] - Q&A with the Developers

Posted by Praetorian on 17 June 2016 - 02:31 PM


Hello Everyone,

It gives me pleasure to announce the first of many Question and Answer sessions with the developers of Tanktastic. The aim of this is for the community to understand the direction in which the Tanktastic project is heading by asking questions relating to the game such as future updates, possible tank additions and balancing of tanks to name a few.
For these Q&A sessions to work effectively those who wish to ask questions must abide by the following guidelines:
  • Questions must relate to the Tanktastic project and directed to the development team
  • Questions must be asked in the English Language
  • Questions must abide by the forum rules
  • Only one question can be asked per individual unless questions are related to each other
  • Before posting a question, read previous Q&A sessions to make sure your question has not already been asked
  • Ensure Questions are not able to be answered by other means such as via the forum community
  • Keep Questions serious throughout, in a constructive manner and try to ensure grammar/spelling is correct.
It should be noted that we reserve the right to remove posts which do not follow the forum rules and the guidelines listed above.
The guidelines and rules can change so it is up to you to ensure what you do is correct.

How this all works:
  • A post will be created in which the community will be allowed to make questions labelled [Questions]
  • A deadline will be made and any posts after this deadline will not be accepted (these questions can be asked in the next Q&A)
  • The questions will be sent to the development team and in time answers to these questions will be made
  • A post which will show the answers will be created labelled [Answers]
If in the event that there are far too many questions being asked in one time, the 20 questions with the most likes will be used. So ensure you like anything you agree with.
Lastly, more Q&A sessions will be made only if there is enough interest in them. The system in which the Q&A sessions operate may change if additional features are added.

I hope you will enjoy this opportunity to receive answers from the GHOR Corporation team.

Thank you! :philosoraptor:
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#110690 Tanktastic YouTube Community Team (Official Forum Group)

Posted by AllyNJace) on 05 March 2016 - 12:54 PM

Official Forum Page For Tanktastic Players W/ YouTube Channels




Hi All,


We have listened to the ideas, comments, and suggestions that you all have proposed and the things that you would like to see or find more of in our channels. Instead of creating many different topics for some of the ideas that we share in common, we will use this topic to receive proposals from the community, and post group-related activities/videos, etc. We have created an official group on Kik, where we will work together as a team to deliver these content and videos to you guys. The group is for those who would like to come together as one team to reach a common goal. If you are interested, please let us know your Kik name so that we are able to add you to our group chat. 


Below, you can find the list of players who makes up a part of our team and what each channel has to offer. This will let you guys know what type of content we will be uploading and what you can expect from the each of us.


AllyNJace: Entertainment and Social, W/ Gameplay & Strategies

In98: Gameplay Reviews

Panzer-Blitz: Voice-Overs, Variety, etc.

ILuvTanks: Gameplay, Variety, etc.

Drestdave: Gameplay, Tutorials, and Tank Reviews

Basmal121: Gaming & Entertainment

SneakySnake123: Gameplay Reviews

Mr Blue Sky01: Short Skits, Gameplay and Commentary

Fawazo99: Gameplay Reviews, Private Rooms Entertainment

Josseph Rustom: Gameplay & Beginner Strategies (Setting Controls, In-Game Tactics, etc)

Hitman69: Gameplay Reviews, Variety, etc.
Colonel-Candy: Gameplay Reviews


There are many ideas and proposals that we are still discussing, such as creating projects and producing them together as a group video. Most likely some of these projects will take time-possibly averaging a time frame of around 2-3 weeks.


Much thanks and credit goes out to the individuals who proposed the idea of coming together and aiding players with their channels on YouTube: Mr Blue Sky01, Iluvtanks, Colonel-Candy, and Myself.


We would like to thank you guys for expressing your voices, and we hope to deliver some great material to you all soon!


Sincerely, Tanktastic YouTube Community Team. 


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#132638 New English Staff Team Structure

Posted by Altank on 29 January 2017 - 12:27 PM

Hello, Commanders!


Following the recent changes that were carried out within the Tanktastic Management Team, the Tanktastic English-speaking Community was thus granted a much greater degree of autonomy in order to improve the moderating and technical support provided by Staff members themselves.


But aside from that, and from this moment on, our contribution to the Tanktastic Community will truly be measures in solid results; your words have always been heeded; however, your proposals and your suggestions, your voice, will now have a much greater impact on the future of the Community itself.

Though always closely working together with the Russian-speaking Community as part of a single family, the English-speaking Community will be managed by its own Community members. And as part of a single family, your invaluable cooperation and contribution will have actual effects on the development of Tanktastic; as it should rightly be.


To adjust to such changes, the Tanktastic English-speaking Community will therefore undergo a brief period of internal reorganization; starting from the English Staff Team structure; most notably, the Tanktastic English Community will be divided into Regional Teams to appropriately answer the needs of a multi-layered Community; Regional Teams will be overseen by either a Community Representative or a Community Coordinator: a Staff member native to that Region tasked with addressing any regional issues, concerning moderating and technical support; and thus entrusted with management duties and privileges.

Community Representatives will be selected with the support of votations from that Region's Staff members every six months. Community Coordinators are permanent Community Representatives. 

Both management figures take part to major thrimonthly assemblies where, among other things, your suggestions, proposals and requests are evaluated and immediately taken into account or implemented straight away. The operational unit thus forming during these assemblies taking the name of Organon.


Regional Teams will answer the needs of major regions - the distinction between major and minor regions being regulated by the number of players belonging to that region; and any related data - far more efficiently: erasing what once was a clumsy, heavily-centralised structure; minor regions will also be overseen in a similar way, in order to create uniformity and maximize efficiency.

Also, a new team entrusted with creating contests and keeping the Community environment active and enjoyable for all Community members alike will be created.


The TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team) will now be constituted by the following operational units and positions to efficiently provide moderating and technical support:



The English Staff Team will be established from this very moment in accordance with these guidelines; its full establishment taking up to a few days.

The first Community Representatives - who will be entrusted with several other tasks and responsibilities aside from the one listed above, due to the new English Staff Team being just formed - have been selected with the help of a small group of developers.

  • Xpraetorian - Community Representative for the English Region (NA/EU/SEA).
  • Elderby22 - Community Representative for the German Region.

As regards minor regions, native Senior Staff members will be selected and entrusted with similar tasks as Community Representatives Extraordinary. Current Community Representatives, however, will have overseeing functions on minor regions as well, for the time being.


Several more great changes lie ahead of us; so, stay tuned, gentlemen!


Thanks for your attention and Best Regards, Commanders!

TECT (Tanktastic English Community Team

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#132527 Time has come

Posted by romeoordos on 27 January 2017 - 12:40 AM

I think more complaints will make the developers feel depressed which will decrease work, but the developers should really listen to players' feedback because players are very important to the game.

No one except me read the forums, even Russian one. Even I don't do that after retire. So never mind)
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#132104 Congratulations to Altank!

Posted by Altank on 10 January 2017 - 10:46 AM

Apologies for the late reply: I know some of you were waiting for for one of those Altank speeches and, though one contemporary philosopher maintains - rightly, one may add - that the era of inspirational speeches and rhetoric is ending, I nevertheless wish to share but a few words and thoughts with all of you, friends; fellow members of the Tanktastic Community. Even more in such an important moment.
And it's not an important moment because of my appointment as Community Manager for the Tanktastic English-speaking Community; I myself am a topic of little interest indeed: it's because this marks a turning point in the history of Tanktastic itself: what was once the dream of a few friends is now becoming a worldwide-spread reality; and I am just glad to be a mere cogwheel that will lead us all towards that certain future.
And I am glad to be so because of every single one of you, because of the fact I consider this Community a family rather than a hollow virtual community with no particular values tethering its members together, that I have been giving my very best in order to improve the quality of Tanktastic itself, that I have been building the most I could in order to help the entire Community out.
Not having been able to meet all the members of the Russian-speaking Community and provide help and assistance like I have been doing for the English-speaking Community is my deepest regret: unfortunately, language barriers proved too much of an insurmountable obstacle to best.
And regarding the English Community, the very same could be said for those people, those very friends such as Mikhail, Denis et cetera, that, despite language barriers and all the natural obstacles involved when two different Communities, albeit so similar under all other aspects, clash, kept looking out for all Community members alike with explicit actions of genuine and remarkable care; without any distinctions and from the very start.
But, alas, even the most resilient of wills is forced to face the hardships that such a clash dictates - and I know that all too well, sadly.
I am more than glad to do whatever I can, in my tiny bit, in my small contribution to the well-being of the Tanktastic Community; and that's why, I accept this appointment as Community Manager for the English with nothing but humility and genuine inspiration, because I enjoy being part of the Tanktastic Community and whatever I can do to contribute back to it, to its people, to my fellow Community members, it's the least due to all and any of you.
My first steps will concern outlining precise guidelines as regards moderation and support: these aspects will be overseen by regional teams closely working together under the Tanktastic Management Team itself, so to provide a much more direct assistance, and a quicker answer to moderating and support needs.
The Community life will be made more active thanks to the creation of an ad hoc team of Community Coordinators and Community Contributors, entrusted with creating contests on a regular basis, as well as gathering, evaluating and promoting Community members' ideas, feedback, proposals and suggestions: vox populi, vox dei; and in a family such as the Tanktastic Community, that is most true indeed: no one will be left unheard, because this Community is a place where everyone is welcome to voice their opinions; because it's a family for all those who would wish to join it.
More precise guidelines will be outlined in the near future and great news lie ahead of us; all this would never be possible without you: you are the reason why this very day marks an important change for the Tanktastic Community. I am only glad to be a means through which said changes will be carried out. Because being at your disposal; that's enough for me to rejoice.
So, please, do not thank or congratulate me: I thank you all for being as awesome as you are; you are the real stars here.
Best Regards;

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#128375 My rant on test v3

Posted by Tankiller96 on 23 October 2016 - 07:58 PM

Alright I am gonna get straight to the point. I am truly surprised how many of you people complained so hard to the point of whining like a little child for testing stage 3(online testing) yet now that it is released so many do not play it...actually none at all do. I feel like you are spoiled children asking for a sandmpwich then taking one small bit and claiming to be full. You raised a storm yet once you got the results you did nothing with it. Then you guys complain of such petty things like how the zooming in feature is different or how tanks are slower and it makes running solo so hard(gasp there is a thing called teamwork use it), or how maps lack anything to them. While yes I do agree some tanks need a buff in acceleration notably the IFV's and APC's and that Military map could use a little more on it, I do not complain about it on a consistent basis nor do I tell the devs that the update sucks. This mentality by a certain group within the community is immaturity at its finest. You guys seriously sound like kindergardeners that are told to take a nap. I believe in constructive criticism and use it to point out things that need to be fixed while letting them keep the changes made to the game not out right deeming the next iteration of this game to just be crap. I admit that v2.0 is not perfect and that it needs tweaks here and there but so many demand things to stay the same as it is currently, yet when 22A was released you all demanded the game change up the formula for so many where convinced that the v1 had reached its limit and needed a fresh start. Here is the fresh start and for some odd reason people are mad that the devs actually listened to us(or maybe it was coincidence devs can answer that one) and made a new game of which we asked for...because I dont know about you but v2.0 is a combination of everything we have been asking for since I bothered to truly get involved with this community. We finally get the game we have demanded for so many years...yet now that its here so many swear they will quit because it "sucks".

I like v2.0 its a collection of everything we asked for, for the last 2-3 years is it perfect? No its still in testing...its a "BETA" I can see those who are truly trying to better the game or give more options to players, basmal121, unknown, and a few others can be named. I salute these guys for giving real criticism that the devs will hopefully take into consideration for they may not be the biggest things in the world but the players do like to have options and I think options are good for it favors a wide variety of players(sniper view, controller layouts, etc) these features are not exactly needed but would offer more customization giving more players more options to find what is comfortable. My main message of this rant is...give constructive criticism and dont be an immature crybaby for being whiny fixs nothing it merely makes you look pathetic.


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#117373 [Answers] - Q&A with the Developers - 1

Posted by Praetorian on 24 June 2016 - 12:02 PM



Hello everyone,


This is the first Answer topic in the Q&A sessions. Developers have read your questions and provided answers for them. The aim of this is to understand the direction the game is heading and to give the community the chance to interact with the developers. Talks have been going on about the occurrences of Q&A sessions and minor changes to the way they are done. The important changes/decisions are as follows:

  • Q&A sessions will occur every two weeks
  • The maximum number of questions allowed per session has been increased to the most liked 20 questions 
  • If there are several questions of the same likes/zero likes, then the earliest questions will be selected

If you want to learn more about Q&A sessions then please go to the information topic for this. I will update it soon.

(http://forum.tanktas...the-developers/) - [Information]


If you wish to discuss anything related to Q&A sessions please go to the topic created specifically for this. 

(http://forum.tanktas...the-developers/) - [Discussion] 


Note: if you miss out or your votes are not selected you can try again in the next Q&A session. If a question was repeated it will obviously be skipped and remember, if you ask multiple questions they must be linked and not completely different topics. 


Now on to the answers! 


What is the generalised process for implementing a tank in the game? (from creating it, texturing it and balancing it's stats.) - iluvtanks



What will balancing look like in v2.0? - tankiller96



How will tanks perform in general with new physics? Will they perform similarly to how they do now or completely different? - tankiller96



Will we soon have a cinematic mode which removes the HUD (eg crosshair)? - Mr blue sky01



Will Apple replaykit or other in game recordings tools be added in future updates and will there be support for iOS10? - basmal121



In v2.0, will a maxed PL-01 be able to fight/encounter a maxed T-14 Armata in open rooms? - je4n10



Why is the English Community always on the far end? What is creating problems with the inflow of information and why is there a bias which is clearly seen in contests/tournaments? - fiutel_88



Will there be new countries added on the list of tanks? As of now we have three branches, are any of the new tanks from another branch? - Tank War 2



Will tanktastic v2.0 support a maximum frame rate of 60fps for even non x86 versions? If so, will there be frame limitation options for devices with lower performance? - Little Blue Box



I am wondering whether staff members will have stars with their names in v2.0 and if so will they be shown for users who have newer operating systems of Android and iOS? - Error403



Now that more and more players are reaching the generalissimo rank, do you plan on adding more ranks in the future? What will be the future of the players who finished last rank? - monkeyman7832



I was wondering if this game could be made compatible with pc; still connected so it is the same players, but on pc? - blitzkreig101



What is the formula used for damage calculation when a round hits a tank? - Qnomei



After v2.0 will the updates become more frequent? Perhaps adding a couple tanks or a map each month? - Flakmagnet



Will "flags" or "badges/decals" be considered for the game? - Flakmagnet



Will the Abrams be able to beat the T-14 Armata in 2.0? - smigstank-



In the future update, will you guys make it that different tanks have different HUDs? - TheEncryptor



Will there be any future plans or at least some consideration on the implementation of tank firing mechanics? By this I mean bringing a bit more realism in shells, tank guns and angling? - Randy12345



When will the update be released? - Pikachu77



Right now players can survive while on 0% hitpoints and can get health. In v2.0 will players automatically die or killed by players when they reach 0%, or will it remain the same? - Tank ben



That is it for this Q&A session. Next one will be on the 7th of July.  :philosoraptor:

thank you!  

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Posted by Praetorian on 15 October 2015 - 11:16 AM


We are a group of Tankers from all walks of life and all ages. The passion we bring to the game, and the desire to increase our skill and make Tanktastic a better place is what makes our clan special.
We might not have all of the high ranker's that some of the other clans do, but everyone deserves to be a part of something. Join HAWK for a fun experience, and a chance to enjoy the clan wars in Tanktastic.
This clan values: Honour, Allegiance, Wisdom and Kindness, Hence HAWK.

  • Honour - Respect those who battle us, be courteous in victory and defeat.
  • Allegiance - Support the clan and it's members. Do not treat members unfairly or aggressively. Help those in need.
  • Wisdom - Use your head. Learn techniques to improve your overall performance. Abide by the rules of TankTastic.
  • Kindness - Help those in need. Treat those as you would like to be treated.

Leader: Xpreatorianx
Alliances: TBA
HAWK was created in May 2014 by Xpreatorian, the clan has seen many updates and revisions to the game.
HAWK has a long history in Tanktastic dating back to the early alpha versions of the game. The clan has been (and still is) home to many moderators in the game.

 have several members who are also moderators of the Official Tanktastic Forum and also administrators of the Tanktastic Wiki.


DigitalCrow took over leadership of the clan from September 2015 - April 2016, Xpreatorian has now returned to his rightful place as leader of the clan.
We ask that all members read and abide by these rules before or after joining the clan.

Be Kind and Helpful - Be respectful to other members and players, help them when you can

Be Active - Please try to log on at least once a week
Report Others - Please notify us of any users that you are concerned are breaking the rules
Fair PlayWe ask that our members play fairly and attack other clan-mates in open deathmatch games and avoid teaming unless it is a team game.
Respect the clan rules and the Tanktastic EULA - Self Explanatory
Booster will be immediately dismissed from the clan and banned from the game!
To be accepted, you must be able to speak English, be online regularly and contribute to the Clan.
We are not a clan but a family. We focus more on personality than experience, so join now!
All members get to have the clan logo on their signature and communicate with the clan on our clan forum.
We recommend members join the Tanktastic Forum and VK Group.

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